Important Information for Worker Grant Applicants

Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)

Training reimbursement funds distributed by the BERT Training Fund Worker Grants Program are for the acquisition of new skills and not the recognition of existing competency or work experiences. Therefore, the costs associated with the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) are not eligible for reimbursement. Applicants are advised to check with their training provider to determine whether their training outcome includes any recognition of prior learning measures. Where recognition of prior learning has been undertaken, applicants will be required to provide a schedule separating RPL and training costs to enable consideration of their application.

Additional Documentation Required

From 1 July 2015, all new Worker Grant applications will require a copy of the applicant's bank statement clearly displaying the name of the bank, the account name and the BSB and account numbers as well as the standard documentation.

Third Grant Requirements

From 1 July 2015, new applicants will be eligible for a third grant provided that the total funding amount for the previous two grants was below $1500.

Nominations for the 2016 Annual Achievement Awards are now open!

The BERT Training Fund manages a series of Annual Achievement Awards to acknowledge the enduring contribution of Construction Training Queensland (CTQ) to the development of the building and construction industry. These Awards are open to all existing workers and employers within the Queensland construction industry. The award categories are:

    The Patrick Hoiberg Award for Distinction in Mentoring - (Award value up to $5,000)

    Award for Merit Despite Adversity - (Award value up to $5,000)

    Academic Encouragement Award - (Award value up to $5,000)

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